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Tomorrow’s Sun

Drew Hurley

Sun There will be a sun tomorrow.
Such an obvious and self-evident truth
is too easily, and too often, overlooked.
Mere mortals that we are;
we live each day on the brink of Armageddon.
Run here. Charge there. Do this now;
as if these things mattered, after all.
So that when day is done, we wearily crawl
to our havens of rest seeking the oblivion
of forgetfulness and sleep.
Yet, despite our best efforts to the contrary,
the only sure knowledge that we possess is that
there will be a sun tomorrow.



Tomorrow’s sun may be more or less bright than today’s
but it will still be there.
And it is not likely that anything we do will affect its gleam.
So we take it for granted, and busy
ourselves with trivial obsessions
and compulsions that seem so urgent
and demanding each day --
but in the long run,
don’t really matter at all.
When all of these self-important delusions
are examined through the perspective of eternity,
the only thing that really matters is that
there will be a sun tomorrow.

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