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What Gives You The Right?

Drew Hurley

What gives you the right,
to assault me with your words?
Why do you batter me
with your haunting images,
your emotion laden cascade
of verbal bullets
beating their staccato tattoo
upon my consciousness,
driving me deep
into the inner most
secret recesses
of my tormented soul?

What gives you the right.
to assail my being
with your verbal vignettes
and searing metaphors?
Why do you beat
me senseless
with your grotesque distortions
of the human spirit,
sweeping my passions
into the forefront
of despair?

What gives you the right,
to speak to me
with the muted prayer
of your pensive
love song?
Why do you shame me
with the plaintive beauty
of your velvet vision
and the compassionate ecstasy
of your loving truth?
What gives you the right?

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