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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold


Drew Hurley

Sing of sadness.

Dance for doom.

Light the fires

That hide the gloom.

Tomorrow is coming,

It will not wait;

Youth will sag,

And put on weight.


See the sounds,

And hear the light;

Man has his senses

All in a fright.

Now we are lost

And don't know the way,

Yet soon we need

To voice our say.


Sun rise at West.

Sky beneath.

One day we will find

That hens do have teeth;

And when we do,

We will surely know

That Black is White,

As Black as the Snow.


Color, oh color,

Where is thy sting?

Gone are the stigmas

Which mark man's being.

Fear need not blind

us of our sight;

In truth we have learned

One powerful right.


All men are alike.

Color means naught.

Beauty comes from within

And cannot be sought.

Goodness and bad

Are in every hue,

But all of importance

Lives within you.


ALL of importance

Lives within you.

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