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Poetry by Rachel A. Gold

Tomorrow’s Child

Drew Hurley

As yet I speak with muted tongue,

And have not voice, nor will, to rise above the throng.

Rebel I at the ambiguities of life,

Yet still I learn and seek ethereal truth.

I am inept;

Questing not the ephemeral glamour of bright lights.

Languish I within the solitude of mind,

Far off the beaten track.

I search for nature as a child,

And revel in the might of scholarship.

Sing I the cadence of my generation,

Our hope for the futures to come.

I prepare now for the work only just begun;

Destinies are within the scope of my expanding will.

Now I feast upon the impetuous genius of youth,

Tomorrow I will arise.

Tomorrow I will speak.

Tomorrow, I will be heard.


I will change the world.



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